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Our original technology is on the new level of 3D image-capturing.
The system presents as much natural 3D images as those of human eyes and exiting
stereoscopic sense close to your eyes, and enables you to save cost and time to use 100%
of the existing equipment you already have for shooting, relay, transmitting, editing.
As it is possible you to use all the functions such as auto/manual mode, zooming and
focusing built in the camera. You can produce any kind of motion pictures and TV programs
such as TV shows, sports events, live perfomance, etc, which require several cameras.
You don't have to spend much time and energy on synchronizing two cameras mounted on a
rig in order to converge right and left images, which is one of the biggest problems caused by
two-camera-based 3D capturing system. This innovation technique have made us to have
many patents in many countries and to be awardrd many technical.
• Dizziness-free stereoscopic image production.
• Realistic effects provided by stereoscopy.
• Convenient operation like with normal 2D camera.
• Convergence angle Control.
• Optical zoom available.
• Manual & automatic control : shutter speed, iris etc.
• All functions of ENG camera is applicable.
• Close-up shooting.
• Live broadcasting.
• Image editing with normal editor.
• Saving the time of production.
• Saving the cost of production.
• 3D movie production
• 3D TV show production
• 3D commercial production
• 3D music video production
• 3D sports events broadcasting
• 3D performance broadcasting
• One Lens
• One Camera
• Minimum Close-up : 45cm
• Maximum Angle of View : 73 Degree
• Image Output : HD-SDI, HDM
• 3D Shooting Method : Field Sequential
[Difference with Two Camera System]
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